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iChrome Announces Major Update, Pro Plans

HOLLYWOOD, FL — February 4, 2016iChrome announced today that it has released a major update to the popular extension for Google Chrome™. The update includes Pro plans, redesigns of many widgets, and a simplified setup and configuration process in addition to a number of new features for all users. The updated app is available for immediate download on the Chrome Web Store.

Pro plans are available now for $2 a month or $20 a year. They offer an enhanced experience with dark and transparent themes, live backgrounds, maximizable widgets, and a number of other features such as 10 day hourly forecasts and tabbed RSS widgets that can display multiple feeds. "This is an important milestone for iChrome; a more sustainable company will lead to more innovation and a better experience for all users." says 16 year old founder, Avi Kohn, "Funds from these plans will allow iChrome to hire more developers and accelerate growth and development." iChrome plans on offering the free version of the service indefinitely.

Future plans include moving to a web based app that supports other browsers and an expansion to mobile.

This announcement comes shortly after the app exceeded 120,000 weekly active users in 70 countries. iChrome is used by people worldwide for both personal and business purposes. The app is also popular among students, with users in over 1,000 schools globally.

About iChrome

iChrome is a productivity extension for Google Chrome™ that puts all the services you use on the web, in addition to a number of tools, on a single page. The app offers almost 50 widgets including Weather, News, RSS, Twitter, Facebook, Sports, Stocks, Gmail, Bookmarks, and Calendar, to name a few. Available in 22 languages, the app has over 120,000 weekly active users in more than 70 countries.

iChrome is available free on the Chrome Web Store now for both your home and new tab pages.

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